PRG Wednesday Night Steel

PWNS Overview

PRG Wednesday Night Steel (aka PWNS) is a once monthly match held on the 3rd Wednesday night at Prado Olympic Shooting Park.

  • 4 stages of static steel, straightforward but challenging
  • Time plus scoring
  • No squadding w/ dedicated stage RO’s (if > 70 shooters)
  • All USPSA divisions plus Rimfire pistol and rifle!
  • 100-140 Rounds minimum
  • 120 shooters maximum
  • Registration starts 4:30pm, last walk-up accepted at 6:30
  • Match hours are 5pm-8pm (we may start as early as 4:30 if stages/RO’s are ready)
  • $20 Match Fee cash or check only!

How the Match Will Work

  1. Pre-Register online @ – The pre-registration link will be available usually 1 week before the match. If you can’t pre-register for some reason, you can do a walk-up at the range until 6:30PM if that match has not filled. Note that the max shooters will be capped at 120 in order to ensure that everyone in the match can finish before the range closes at 8PM.
  2. Complete Registration at the range – When you arrive at the range, head to the sign-in desk and let us know whether you pre-registered or not. If you pre-registered, pay the $20 match fee and pick up your shooter card. If you did not pre-register and the match has not filled, we’ll need to get some info from you (Name and Division) first, then sign the waiver, pay the fee and pick up your shooter card with your name and the division you’re competing in. For matches with less than 70 pre-registered shooters, you will record your times on the card.
  3. Grab your gear and head to any stage – Gear up if necessary in a safe area and proceed to any stage. If one line looks shorter than the rest, feel free to go there. If less than 70 pre-registered shooters, squad up with buddies and head to a stage.
  4. Hand your shooter card to the RO (more than 70 pre-reg shooters) – They will place it at the bottom of the stack of shooter cards that have already been given to them. If less than 70 pre-registered, your squad can set the shooting order.
  5. Study the stage description – A printed stage description will be at every stage. Learn what targets need to be shot from what location, then watch the competitors ahead of you.
  6. The RO will call the next 3 shooters – These shooters are “on deck”, “in the hole”, or “deep hole”. Listen to the RO so you know when it’s your turn to shoot.
  7. Shoot the stage – When it’s your turn, step up to the starting position but don’t touch your firearm until the RO says “Make Ready”. Once you hear the command, you may then unholster/unbag, take an UNLOADED sight picture, load the firearm and assume the start position. Listen for the start signal and shoot the stage per the stage description. Ensure that you are in full control of your firearm, know where it’s pointing at all times and be safe. Once complete, follow RO commands to unload and show clear. Note the standard USPSA stage commands listed in the section below.
  8. Review your score – Once the RO has cleared you (empty and unloaded firearm holstered or bagged), the RO will show you your time along w/ any penalties incurred, you’ll be asked to tap “Approve” to finalize your score, then the RO will hand you back your shooter card.
  9. Go to your next stage – Head to the next stage you’d like to shoot and restart at step #4.
  10. When you’re finished with the match, turn in your shooter card – We will enter your scores from the match based on the values written on the card.
  11. Bag your firearm before leaving – Head to a safety area to unholster and bag your firearm before heading to the parking lot.
  12. Scores posted to within 24 hours – The full match scores will be posted to within 24 hours of the completion of the match assuming no technical difficulties.

PWNS Rules (Work in progress…)

  • NO GUN HANDLING ANYWHERE (INCLUDING THE PARKING LOT) EXCEPT THE SAFETY AREA OR WHEN THE RO CLEARS YOU TO MAKE READY. USE THE DESIGNATED SAFETY AREAS TO BAG/UNBAG, WORK ON YOUR FIREARM, SHOW IT TO YOUR BUDDIES, ETC. NO AMMO CAN BE HANDLED IN SAFETY AREAS – DOING SO WILL GET YOU DQ’D! If you are a licensed CCW holder, please let one of the staff know and we’ll escort you to an empty bay so that you can unholster and store your carry gun until the end of the match. When you are done with the match, let staff know again and we’ll get you set back up for carry.
  • You may load your magazines anywhere EXCEPT the safety areas.
  • Unless specifically noted otherwise, USPSA safety-related (specifically UNSAFE GUN HANDLING) and scoring rules with resultant penalties, up to and including match DQ, apply.
  • USPSA handgun division rules with relevant equipment requirements will be enforced (except for hit and power factor, which are not applicable for this match). Other divisions allowed for this match are:
    • Rimfire Pistol Iron Sight (RPI)
    • Rimfire Pistol Optic (RPO)
    • Rimfire Rifle Iron Sight (RRI)
    • Rimfire Rifle Optic (RRO)
  • Scoring is Time Plus. Final stage time is raw time plus penalty time. All scoring penalties (misses, FTE, procedural) are 5 seconds. For example, an FTE would be +10 seconds (5 for the miss and 5 for the FTE). Par time (max time) for any stage is 90 seconds.
  • Hits Required – All static circle targets require 1 hit audible minimum, all other static targets require 2 hit audible minimum (unless specified otherwise in the stage description).
  • SHOOTING ENDS AT 8PM, FINISHED OR NOT – NO EXCEPTIONS – The range has to comply with local ordinances. There aren’t that many places left to shoot – don’t ruin it for everyone.
  • Shooters must complete entire match BEFORE shooting their re-entry division. Upon completion of first division, shooter may return to registration desk for re-entry as long as it’s 6:30PM or earlier (reminder – shooting ends at 8pm, finished or not). This will ensure that everyone can, at the minimum, complete the match with their primary division.
  • All rimfire and PCC are to be unbagged under RO supervision when called to the line, then cased after COF is complete and before leaving line. Have a volunteer hold the bag during COF. All other competitors must use safety areas to unbag and case.
  • All rimfire rifles and PCC require a chamber flag. Please ensure that you have one prior to the match. You can always make one if you want.
  • Rimfire pistol will start at low ready. Rimfire rifle and PCC will start loaded, stock on belt, muzzle pointing downrange, both hands on firearm, safety applied.
  • No LOADED sight pictures permitted
  • Reshoots are only allowed for stage malfunction or RO interference – if your firearm jams during a stage, you don’t get a reshoot
  • Standard USPSA stage commands apply
    • Make Ready
    • Are you ready?
    • Standby
    • Start Signal
    • Stop
    • If you are finished, unload and show clear / Unload and show clear
    • If clear, hammer down, holster (or bag if rimfire pistol, flag and bag if rimfire rifle or PCC)
  • Match DQ’s are FINAL. Shooter may not shoot any other stages but is welcome to stick around and spectate.
  • Eye and ear protection required for all participants and spectators
  • All competitors must complete waiver during registration.
  • No refunds once you take your first shot

PWNS FAQ (Work in progress…)

  • Will you consider having more than one match a month?
    Not at this time. We’ll revisit that once we get a feel for the demand.